We build and invest in companies that will shape the future of BioTech and Digital Health.


  • Pretzel Therapeutics

    The company is developing treatments to address the genetic roots of mitochondrial dysfunction. 

  • GenEp (ALBF investment)

    The company has a program to develop innovative treatments for epilepsy.

  • Damona Pharmaceuticals (ALBF)

    The company is developing therapies to treat cognitive Deficits across Brain Disorders & During Aging

  • Congruence Therapeutics (ALBF)

    A biotechnology company working at the interface of computational and experimental drug discovery to design novel small molecules for disease of protein misfolding

  • Arclight Therapeutics

    Arclight is building a portfolio of neurodegeneration companies to accelerate transformative neuroscience.

  • Serenis

    Serenis makes professional therapy accessible, affordable, and convenient — so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime and anywhere.

  • Cadence Neuroscience

    Cadence Neuroscience is an early-stage company developing new medical device therapies for the treatment of epilepsy, central pain, and other neurological disorders.

  • Freya™

    Freya™ is a clinical-stage company taking an innovative approach to women’s health, with microbial immunotherapies aimed at relieving the chronic inflammation underlying a range of reproductive system diseases uniquely afflicting women.

  • Noctrix

    Noctrix Health revolutionizes Restless Legs Syndrome treatment with clinically validated wearable therapeutics. Their mission is to provide a groundbreaking alternative to pharmaceuticals for better sleep in millions of RLS patients.

  • Cour

    It is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing therapies to treat patients with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. 

  • Avation

    A company treating the conditions of urge urinary incontinence and urinary urgency caused by overactive bladder(OAB) syndrome through neurostimulation therapies.

  • Nouscom

    Nouscom is a clinical stage immuno-oncology company developing off-the-shelf and personalized cancer immunotherapies using proprietary viral vectors with demonstrated high immunogenicity in patients.

Venture studios

  • Argobio Studio

    Argobio creates and develops pioneering biotech spinouts with the support of Bpifrance, Kurma Partners, Evotec, Angelini Ventures, and the Institut Pasteur.

  • Extend

    Extend is a technology transfer initiative created in partnership between CDP Venture Capital Sgr. Evotec and Angelini Ventures to advance the impact of breakthrough research.