Freya Therapeutics

Freya Therapeutics

Copenhagen, Denmark

Founded: 2020
Invested: 2023

Founders / CEO
Colleen Acosta, CEO


Board Participation
Paolo di Giorgio, Board Member





Freya™ is a clinical-stage company taking an innovative approach to women’s health, with microbial immunotherapies aimed at relieving the chronic inflammation underlying a range of reproductive system diseases uniquely afflicting women.
Freya’s drug candidates comprise full-spectrum microbiota and rationally-selected strain consortia, which have the potential to restore an optimal, non-inflammatory vaginal microbiome.


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Freya Biosciences announces $38 Million funding in one of the largest Series A raises to advance women’s reproductive immunotherapies. Funding comes on the heels of positive top-line clinical results and will advance clinical development of its lead drug candidate