Investments and Global Partnerships

Our culture

  • Efficiency is key


    We focus on outcomes that matter, ensuring that every effort adds value and drives us forward at the speed of innovation.

  • Diversity is our strength


    Our strength lies in our diverse perspectives. By drawing on our collective experience and skills, we break new ground.

  • Together as One


    Collaboration is the engine of our success, driven by the synergy with our own team, our parent company, and the broader VC community.

  • People First


    Connections are our cornerstone.
    We believe in nurturing relationships and investing in people who share our values.

  • Excellence is a must-have


    We set the bar high, aiming to shape the future of care and positively impact patient outcomes by continually evolving and updating.

  • A Trust-Driven Approach


    We support individual expertise and empower each other to act autonomously, driving
    our collective success with confidence
    and accountability.

Partnerships with top global investors

  • Arch Ventures

    ARCH Venture Partners invests in advanced technology companies and is one of the largest early-stage technology venture firms in the United States

  • Angelini Lumira Bioscience Fund

    In 2021, we partnered with Lumira Partners to create the Angelini Lumira Biosciences Fund (ALBF) to focus on early-stage companies operating in the CNS space in north America

  • Kurma Partners

    Kurma is a major player in the funding of healthcare and biotechnology in Europe. We have co-invested with Kurma Partners in Argobio, a European startup studio, and continue to collaborate with Kurma’s team on new investment opportunities in digital health and life science.

Incubators/Research and Innovation Centers

  • CEMM

    CeMM is an interdisciplinary research institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences committed to advancing the understanding of human diseases through basic and biomedical research

  • IMEC Istart

    Imec's open accelerator program, offers tech startups pre-seed funding and tailored support to succeed and grow globally

  • Vita

    VITA is the Digital Health Accelerator of CDP National Accelerators Network, born from an initiative of CDP Venture Capital Sgr together with Healthware Group and Accelerace.

  • Digital Magics

    A leading Italian incubator and accelerator supporting the launch and scale of digital and technology focused ventures.