About Us

We are the venture capital firm established by Angelini Industries to invest in companies that positively impact human health

With 300 million € commitment and a diverse team operating globally, we support the innovation that will shape the future of care: we aim to build and support Digital Health and BioTech companies working to make healthcare smarter, using data to improve care and outcomes, and reinventing the patient journey.

What do we look for?

Innovative and groundbreaking Series A and B companies in BioTech, TechBio, Connected Health Devices, Digital Diagnostics & Therapeutics, and Hybrid Care Platforms.

Our geographical focus is Europe and North America.

What's our commitment to your success?

A diverse global team with breadth and depth of expertise and access to local ecosystems and world leading experts. Financial resources and top-tier syndicate network to support our portfolio companies through multiple rounds.

A track record of success and experience navigating the ups and downs of company building. Our team members have:

  • made significant contributions in drug development and academic research,
  • deployed AI technology in clinical and commercial settings,
  • taken products through regulatory approval, market launch and scaling commercial operations,
  • founded and led companies in healthcare, taken companies public, exited through M&A transactions.
  • access to Angelini Industries for synergies and opportunities.

We are part of one of Italy's great entrepreneurial success stories

Our passion for transforming healthcare, combined with Angelini Industries’ long history of innovation, both in the consumer and pharmaceutical space, make us uniquely qualified to identify critical areas of need and support the development of impactful solutions.


We believe collaboration is the connective tissue between innovation and execution. By aligning our venture investments with our enterprise focus on digital transformation and consumer-oriented solutions, we can change health care.

Prof. Sergio Marullo di Condojanni, Role: CEO of Angelini Industries

Our culture

  • Efficiency is key


    We focus on outcomes that matter, ensuring that every effort adds value and drives us forward at the speed of innovation.

  • Diversity is our strength


    Our strength lies in our diverse perspectives. By drawing on our collective experience and skills, we break new ground.

  • Together as One


    Collaboration is the engine of our success, driven by the synergy with our own team, our parent company, and the broader VC community.

  • People First


    Connections are our cornerstone.
    We believe in nurturing relationships and investing in people who share our values.

  • Excellence is a must-have


    We set the bar high, aiming to shape the future of care and positively impact patient outcomes by continually evolving and updating.

  • A Trust-Driven Approach


    We support individual expertise and empower each other to act autonomously, driving
    our collective success with confidence
    and accountability.