Martina Palmese

Communications Coordinator

Location: Milan

Introducing Martina, a dynamic professional whose expertise bridges the realms of corporate strategy, innovation, and communications. With over 13 years of experience she is a driving force behind the creation of innovative projects aimed at promoting conscious and ethical growth for brands.

Martina's background in Communications (Università Statale di Milano) and Marketing Management (Università Bocconi) forms the foundation for her diverse skill set. She specializes in the ideation and development of multi-channel brand and communication campaigns, effectively conveying brand positioning and values. Her rich experience includes fostering valuable connections within the innovation ecosystem, encompassing incubators, accelerators, VCs, startups, and media outlets, both traditional and innovative.

Martina's journey began with QVC, an international retailer, where she led brand and communications efforts, focusing on impactful projects and startup initiatives. Despite a setback in her own femtech startup venture, Martina's passion for innovation persisted, leading her to Plug and Play Tech Center, a pioneering open innovation platform. There, she built the communications function, telling compelling innovation stories. Later, she contributed her talents to Fondazione Veronesi, a prominent foundation supporting cancer research. Martina oversaw creative and planning aspects of corporate campaigns, orchestrated the Fondazione's rebranding, and played a key role in launching a new corporate website.

Martina's journey now brings her to Angelini Ventures, where her passion for innovation and her multifaceted experience converge. She leverages her comprehensive understanding of the innovation landscape to effectively communicate complex ideas through various channels, including owned and external platforms. Martina excels in organizing impactful events and optimizing the management of Angelini Ventures' invaluable network, comprising investors, startups, and academics.