Reflecting on Angelini Ventures' Inaugural Year: An Interview with Paolo Di Giorgio by Giovanni Iozzia, Editor-in-Chief of EconomyUp

Discover the insights into the inaugural year of Angelini Ventures through this exclusive interview by Giovanni Iozzia, Editor in Chief at EconomyUp, with the CEO Paolo Di Giorgio in which he explores the strategic foray into technology and open innovation, focusing on the highlights of the initial investments, challenges faced, and upcoming opportunities.

Learn about the commitment to investing €300 million in Life Sciences and Digital Health over the next five years and gain a unique perspective on the current landscape of venture capital, as Paolo shares the vision for the future, including the closure of three new deals by the end of 2023.

Published on October 11, 2023, this snapshot captures the essence of Angelini Ventures' transformative journey.




Disclaimer: 🇮🇹 This content is in Italian.