Angelini Ventures fuels strategic investment in Noctrix Health's $40 Million Series C financing for revolutionary RLS (Resteless Legs Syndrome) treatment

In a pivotal move towards transforming the landscape of Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) treatment, Noctrix Health, Inc. recently announced the successful closure of a $40 million Series C financing round. Led by Sectoral Asset Management and featuring prominent new investors such as Angelini Ventures, ResMed, and Asahi Kasei Corporation with strong support from insiders including OrbiMed and Treo Ventures, this substantial investment signifies a significant step forward for Noctrix Health's groundbreaking NidraTM Tonic Motor Activation (TOMAC) therapy. As Angelini Ventures, we are proud to be part of this venture, marking our sixteenth investment since our inception in October 2022.

A Game-Changing Solution for RLS:

NidraTM TOMAC therapy, developed by Noctrix Health, stands as the first and only FDA-approved treatment for drug-refractory Restless Legs Syndrome. Clinically validated to reduce RLS symptoms and improve sleep quality in adults refractory to medications, this innovative therapy received De Novo authorization from the FDA in April 2023. The recent funding injection will expedite the commercialization of NidraTM TOMAC therapy, offering hope and relief to millions of adults worldwide affected by this chronic condition.

We are thrilled to welcome new investors to our esteemed group of partners. This significant milestone, coupled with unwavering support from our existing investors, reflects our shared commitment to establishing a new standard of care for RLS. I extend my gratitude to our dedicated team for their hard work and am humbled by the overwhelming support received.

Shriram Raghunathan, PhD, Role: CEO, Noctrix Health, Inc.

Angelini Ventures, known for its commitment to supporting innovative and technological solutions in the life sciences and digital health sectors, has strategically invested in this groundbreaking Series C funding round.

This investment reflects not only the confidence of Angelini Ventures in Noctrix Health's vision but also the broader industry recognition of the potential impact of NidraTM TOMAC therapy. It aligns with our commitment to fostering innovative solutions that have a meaningful and positive impact on patient outcomes.

We strongly believe that innovation can empower patients to take charge of their health at home. Through neurostimulation, Noctrix Health offers patients a therapeutic solution with results comparable to medications but without side effects, addressing an unmet medical need.

Tanja Dowe, Role: Managing Director

As Noctrix Health prepares to launch NidraTM TOMAC therapy into the U.S. market, we, at Angelini Ventures, are excited about the potential of this groundbreaking solution. The fusion of capital, expertise, and shared commitment from investors positions Noctrix Health for success in delivering transformative healthcare solutions.

We look forward to witnessing the positive impact of NidraTM on patients' lives and are proud to be part of this journey towards a new standard of care for Restless Legs Syndrome.